Rome: Rome and Colosseum Essay

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I was surprised by the amount of money that the politicians spent at the Colosseum to pay for the shows. I thought it was interesting how the politicians provided the games just for political votes for themselves. I thought the idea was very different compared to today's political campaigns. Today, politicians place advertisements, create slogans, and produce commercials to win the public's votes. The politicians also sabotage their opponents' campaigns. I was confused on why the public would want to view gladiators and animals fighting to their death. I wouldn't want to see a bloody battle to the death. Today society would consider the fights physical and animal abuse. I wonder where the Romans got all of the exotic animals used in the shows from. I thought it was intriguing how the games created peace by preventing the people to start fights because people became afraid by watching the fights. However, I think the Romans could have created peace in other ways instead of scaring the public. I was amazed that part of the Colosseum still stands today and survived an earthquake. I thought the Romans were very attentive when constructing the Colosseum. They included many passages for quick entries and exits and had a tarp that would prevent the viewers from sweating while sitting in the blazing sun. I think it was incredible how the Colosseum might have even had sea battles. That must have used a lot of water from the aqua ducts below the Colosseum. I didn't realize that the Colosseum was big enough to fit multiple