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Motives and Emotions

Everyone has desires that may or may not be spoken aloud. When motives are spoken aloud, they pertain to the people who it involves, and the people will not mind. When the motives are not spoken aloud, they are most likely the private desires of a single person or group of people. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Friar Lawrence has many different motives for helping Romeo and Juliet; however, his motives cause him to take actions with serious consequences.
Friar Lawrence was the man who married Romeo and Juliet in secret. When Romeo went to the Friar to ask for a marriage, the Friar was reluctant to help because Romeo had only just been pining for Rosaline. After a while of continuous persuasion, Romeo succeeds in the Friar's agreement to a private marriage ceremony. The Friar agreed because he was secretly hoping that a marriage between the Montague's and Capulet's would make peace between the two families. This causes a problem because shortly after the Friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's father tells Juliet that she must marry Paris. This causes a problem because Romeo and Juliet were already married, and Juliet's father knew nothing about it. If the Friar had told Juliet's father about what he had done, there would have been no such situation. The father may have been upset at Juliet's marriage to a rival family, but Juliet would not have gone through nearly as much emotional anxiety.
Because Juliet is in love with Romeo, she refuses to marry Paris which greatly angers her father and as a result, he yells at her until she agrees to marry Paris. Juliet, depressed, runs to the Friar as a last resort, where he makes another mistake. He tells Juliet that he knows how to help, saying that he is motivated by her love for Romeo, and so the Friar gives Juliet a