Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Act II, Prologue, Scene 1 & Scene 2

Benvolio: Romeo! My cousin! Romeo! Romeo!
Mercutio: He is wise, I’m sure, and has gone home to bed.
Benvolio: He ran this way! Call him, Mercutio!
Mercutio: No. If I do, I’ll conjure up a spirit, too.
Benvolio: If Romeo hears your teasing, he is sure to be angry. His love is blind which makes him fit well into the darkness.
Mercutio: If someone else were making love to Rosaline then that would certainly make me angry. Love is blind; it cannot hit what it is aiming for. Come, Benvolio, shall we go?
Benvolio: Yes, let’s go because it is useless for us to try to find him here.
[Romeo jumps over the fence, lands, and hides behind a tree under Juliet’s balcony]
Romeo: It is easy to laugh at someone else’s pain when you have never been hurt yourself. She speaks, but I cannot hear her. Why is that? Her eyes seem to be saying something. I will answer her. No, I will seem too bold because I know she is not speaking to me. I wish I were a glove upon her hand so that I could touch her face.
[Juliet comes out onto her balcony and begins voicing her thoughts.]
Juliet: Ah me!
Romeo: I hear your voice. Let me hear it again, bright angel, because you are as beautiful to me as the winged messenger of Heaven sailing through airy clouds above, the white upturned wondering eyes of mortals.
Juliet: It is only your name that is my enemy. You are still my beloved, even thought you are a Montague. What is a Montague? It is neither a hand, nor a foot, nor an arm, nor a face, nor any other part belonging to a man. What is in a name? If you were to call a rose something else, it would still smell as sweet. The same is true with you: you would still be Romeo, no matter what your name might be.
Romeo: Tell me that you love me. If you will, I will be baptized again and given a new name. After that, I will never again be called Romeo.
Juliet: Who is this I hear hidden in the darkness!? Who is listening to my thoughts!?
Romeo: I don’t know how to identify myself. I hate my name because it is the name of my enemy. If I could, I would write down my name and rip it to shreds.
Juliet: I haven’t heard you speak a hundred words yet, but aren’t you Romeo Montague?
Romeo: I am neither Romeo nor a Montague.
[Romeo climbs to meet Juliet]
Juliet: How did you get here, and why did you come? The orchard walls are high and hard to climb. Considering who you are, you could be killed by my relatives if they found you here.
Romeo: I used the love’s light wings to fly over these orchard walls. The highest of walls cannot keep love out. Love can do many things once it tries. Your relatives are of no obstacle to me.
Juliet: If they see you here, they will kill you!
Romeo: I regret that there is more danger in your eyes than in 20 of their swords. Your sweet face will protect me against their hostility.
Juliet: I wouldn’t want them to find you for all the world.
Romeo: The night is like a cloak and I hide in its darkness. They won’t see me. Unless you love me, my life isn’t worth anything.
Juliet: You are the passion of my love, so pardon me and do not think that what you heard revealed in the darkness was superficial love.
Romeo: I swear by the blessed moon, which paint these fruit trees with silver—
Juliet: Don’t swear on the fickle moon, the moon changes every day. Don’t swear on the moon unless your love is going to be changeable, too.
Romeo: What shall I swear by?
Juliet: Don’t swear at all, or if you do, swear by your gracious self because I idolize you. You are my god and I believe in you.
Romeo: If you feel this way…
Juliet: Although I enjoy you, I will not be pleased with a marriage contract tonight. Goodnight, my sweetheart. The next time we meet, this bud of love will have had a chance to ripen into a beautiful flower.
Romeo: Will you leave me so unsatisfied?
Juliet: What more can you expect from me tonight?
Romeo: Let us exchange vows of love.
Juliet: I gave you mine before I even