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Mock Interview Question Preparation Name: Cindy Chen

Please answer in blue font colour below.

Remember the more detailed your answers, the better prepared and more successful your interview will be. Please support your answers with examples from your life as much as possible. When you are finished typing out your responses, practice, practice, and practice role playing an interview with classmates, friends, and family until you are comfortable.

1. Why did you choose to apply for this job?
I chose to apply for McDonalds because I have always enjoyed the welcoming environment here, and seeing as McDonalds’ is one of the world’s leading food service retailers, it would be a rewarding experience for me to get a taste of what it’s like to work for such a lucrative business. McDonalds has been running ever since 1954 and is known by everybody in the world. This would be a good start of my business career and working here will teach me skills and values that will last a life time. It will also be a good opportunity for me to develop personally in a professional manner. Also, I know that working as a front member will require good customer service skills which comes very easily to me because I enjoy social activities and I am a friendly team player, which will fit well with your workplace as you highly value a pleasant experience for your customers.

2. What do you know about this firm/position?
I know working as a Front Counter essentially means that I am the face of the restaurant, which is a highly respected and valued position that involves constant interactions with hundreds of different people every day. This position upholds the aims and brands of McDonalds and requires employees that are sociable, efficient, and can offer a pleasant experience for their customer. Working as a Front Counter will really help me build personal career development and great customer service skills.

3. Tell me about yourself?
I am very dedicated in everything I do, such as my school work as I have been on the A Honor Roll for the past two years and running. Not only that, I am very balanced in my life as I am also quite involved in sports. I am currently playing as a power on my volleyball team, and I also play a lot of badminton during my spare time. I work well with others, because being on sports teams really teaches me about team work, especially in volleyball because teamwork is a definite necessity. During the Spring of 2013, I received the award for Most valuable player on my badminton team and was offered to coach the grade 8 players in the next coming season. Aside from being a part of track and field and outdoor club, I also am involved in school clubs such as Student Council, Reach-out club, and Earth Club. I take a lot of interest in serving in my community as I am a City of Surrey Volunteer, a BAA Recreational Leader at my school, and also a Reading Buddy at the Fleetwood Public Library. I am very cooperative, and follow instructions easily from all the practices I’ve accumulated through volunteer work. I enjoy social activities and take charge as a leader for sporting events at Fleetwood Park Secondary. I am a friendly person and am highly motivated to succeed in whatever I take part in.

4. What do you consider to be your greatest strength/weakness? My greatest strength would be my tenaciousness and determination, especially when coming across difficulties. I have a strong tendency to persevere. For example, when we had a Wall-sit competition in my gym class, it was definitely crucial pain having to squat on the wall for so long. But I set a goal for myself to come in the top 3 of my class and endured the leg breaking pain. I didn’t give up even though almost everyone else already had because I just knew in my head that I had to surpass my goal. In the end, I was able to pull through and got a prize for coming in second place. My greatest weakness is my bad habit of over