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Romeo & Juliet
Dear diary,
Tonight, was a magical night. It all began as Mercutio, Benvolio and 5 other masquerades wandered the dark streets to enter a Capulet ball, in disguise. As we made our way down the stony path, Mercutio teased me about love, after my heart was broken by Rosaline. As we approached the entry to the Capulet ball, we were greeted by servants and Capulets. Our disguise had proven effective. We each entered the ball and split away from each other. The room was filled with party guests, dancing on the patterned tiles. A circle formed around with people spectating with joy. As I mingled with some party guests, I turned my head and could not turn around. Before my eyes were the most beautiful, stunning woman I have ever seen. I kindly asked a party member who it was. They did not know. I made my way around the crowd, trying to catch glimpses of her, to try and get a better view. I was smitten, and I did not even know anything about her. A dance started, so I took the opportunity to participate to try and meet her. We were standing before each other, we just stared at each other, continued to dance away. I then approached her after it. We met at the back of the ball, out of sight. I emptied my heart to her, I could not help myself. She was so beautiful, and I was so smitten. I asked for a kiss. She gently leant over and our lips joined. My heart slowed and I was relaxed. I knew, from that first look, that I loved her. I barely know her, yet I want to spend my life with her. As we were kissing, we were interrupted by a tall man. He was wielding a sword, and slowly raised it to my neck. He then shouted “HOW DARE THOU KISS MY BELOVED JULIET?!”
I did not know how to react; I was still fluttered by the kiss. I was nervous and scared. I feared for my very life. I did not want to die; it was the last thing I would want after finding my one and only. But the only thing that was going through my mind was the name, Juliet. He ordered her to explain what is happening. She just said that we were talking. The man said “If Juliet loves thy, then thou shall die.” He lunged his sword at me, but I quickly reacted and dodged it. I replied “If thy must fight for thou love, then fight I shall.”
I drew a sword attached to a Capulet, and we clashed. I parried his attacks and dodged his lunges, until I could find a way to stop him. I raised myself on a table, giving myself a height advantage. His smarty backed off, and waited for me to get down. “PARIS, STOP THIS NONSENCE!” yelled lady Capulet. “Never! Romeo must die!”