Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Act One Scene Guide

|Prologue |
|Characters |Chorus |
|Action |The Chorus tells the audience about two enemies who have been fighting for years, a pair of lovers who |
| |are doomed, and how their deaths will be the only thing that will end the fighting between the two |
| |families. |
|Problem or Solution? |Problem |
|How or Why? |The Chorus presents us with the entire plot of the play, letting us know from the start that the story |
| |is a tragedy and will not end well. The play begins with the problem being presented – lovers who have |
| |to die to bring peace. Now the audience will see how the story unfolds. |

|Scene 1: Verona, A Public Place |
|Characters |Sampson, Gregory, Abraham (Abram), Benvolio, Tybalt, Montague, Lady Montague, Capulet, Lady Capulet, |
| |Prince, Romeo |
|Action |Servants of Capulets and Montagues instigate a fight on the streets of Verona. Prince says death to |
| |anyone who disturbs the peace again. Romeo is moping around because of Rosaline, who does not return his|
| |love. Benvolio tries to cheer him up, suggesting that he show Romeo other beauties to compare to |
| |Rosaline. |
|Problem or Solution? |Problem |
|How or Why? |There’s a fight, there are feuding families, the Prince vows death to the next person who starts |
| |trouble, Romeo is heartbroken. |

|Scene 2: A Street |
|Characters |Capulet, Paris, Capulet Servant, Benvolio, Romeo |
|Action |Paris and Capulet talk about Paris’ wish to marry Juliet. Capulet says they should wait two more years, |
| |but that Paris should come to the Capulet’s party tonight. Capulet sends his servant with invitations |
| |for the other guests, but the servant can not read. The servant meets Romeo and Benvolio and asks them |
| |to read the invitations for him. For being so kind, he invites them to the party, so long as they are |
| |not Montagues. |
|Problem or Solution? |Solution |
|How or Why? |Paris gets to meet Juliet and Romeo will get to see Rosaline (Capulet’s niece) at the party. |

|Scene 3: A Room in Capulet’s House |
|Characters |Lady Capulet, Juliet,