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Juliet and Romeo: Alternative Ending
Act V, Scene I
Enter Romeo
Romeo: Last night I dreamt a dream that would have thrilled me just yesterday. Juliet found me dead but as her lips touched mine I came back to life. This dream ended with a happy ending but it didn’t make me happy. The weirdest thing happened as I woke up. Balthasar came into my thoughts and I wanted nothing more than to hear is voice again. What a strange feeling it was, like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
Enter Balthasar.
Romeo: Finally! Balthasar I have been waiting for you! How are you? How was your journey?
Balthasar: I knew you would be anticipating the news of Juliet and your father. I got here as soon as I could but I have some terrible news. Juliet was pronounced dead this morning at her house. I’m greatly sorry Lord.
Romeo: Is this true? Sighs.
I am sad but I fell as though this is destiny. She had to die in order for me to find true happiness. Although I am sad that the beautiful and lovely woman who was my wife is dead, I know I will find happiness again.
Balthasar: I’m afraid I don’t understand what you are talking about. Are you alright, did you bump your head? Is there any way I can help you feel better Lord?
Romeo: I’m fine, just a lot on my mind that I can’t tell explain. Go on now and get me a pen and paper. Balthasar hands Romeo a pen and paper.
This letter is for my father and you must get this to him tonight . Leave and do not come back until my father has sent you with the horses. Is there any thing from Friar?
Balthasar: No, lord.
Romeo: Then be gone.
Exit Balthasar.
Romeo: Now that Juliet is gone I realize I am not in love with her! In fact I was never in love with Rosaline either. It’s always been on my mind but I was too ashamed to let it be known. It’s Balthasar I am in love with. I will not be accepted for this by the people of Mantua or anywhere for that matter. I’m going to do what I think is right. I will die along side of Juliet, my wife, but I will let Balthasar know how I truly feel about him.
Writes letter addressed to Friar Lawrence and Balthasar.
Romeo finds the Apothecary’s house.
Romeo: (quietly whispers in fear of someone hearing) Hello, Apothecary?
Apothecary: Who is calling me? It is a holiday, what must you need?
Romeo: You seem like you are very poor, sir. I could help you but you must help me. I need a potion one that would kill me just by drinking it. I have plenty of money.
Apothecary: Yes, I have a potion that would do the job but selling it would get me killed. I’m not willing to risk death for money because in that case the money would be useless.
Romeo: No one will; suspect a thing and need I remind you death will come very soon with no food or water to eat or drink. The money I give you will do you a great favor.
Apothecary: Fine, Take this and drink every drop of it. It could kill anyone instantly. Good luck, now where’s my money?
Romeo: Here is the money. Enjoy food and a drink perhaps. You are doing me a great favor. I will lie down dead with my wife soon. I can’t bear knowing I betrayed her and the person I love can’t love me.
Act V, Scene II
Enter Friar John
Friar John: Hello Friar Lawrence.
Friar Lawrence: Greetings Friar, welcome back. How is Romeo and did he write a letter back?
Friar John: About the letter Friar I gave it to one of Romeo’s savants. I believe his name was Balthasar he said he would immediately deliver the letter.
Friar Lawrence: Why couldn’t you hand it directly to Romeo?
Friar John: I was kept in a quarantined house due to an outbreak of the plague. I was so terrified of getting sick that once they realize me I asked around and luckily found his servant who said he also was on his way to deliver news to Romeo.
Friar Lawrence: Friar didn’t due directly as I said. I needed him to hand the letter to Romeo. It’s too late for that now. I do hope that Romeo receives that later on time or else no one will be waiting for