Essay about Romeo and Juliet

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Alexandria Bryant
AP Literature
20 August 2012

Everyone has heard of the widely known love story of Romeo and Juliet. Two people who fall madly in love, but are forbidden to see each other because of the intense hatred between thier families. Despite the conflict, Romeo and Juliet continue there romance. Eventually, it leads to the death of the parents beloved children. One selfish act between one another causes such a heartache and consequence that both families will have to live with for the rest of thier lives. In Verona lived two families, the Montegue's and the Capulet's... After continuous violence, the Prince of Verona attempts to stop any further conflict between the families. That resulted in death to anyone who tried to disturb the peace in the future. Romeo, son of Montegue tries to find love and it just so happens that it is the daughter of the Capulets. Except, Juliet has already has arangements for her to marry a guy named Parris enforced by her parents. The thought of never being able to be together killed Romeo and Juliet inside, and knowing that Juliet had to marry Parris just made it worse. Juliet one day had an idea to fake her own death and then live the rest of her life with Romeo. But Romeo had no idea of her plan. So Juliet drinks poison in able to make her family think that she is dead, only to wake up in a tomb to find her beloved Romeo dead, sacraficing himself to be with her. Juliet could not bare to see that it has come to this,…