Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Two of Verona’s prominent youths took their lives in the Capulet burial chamber last Friday. The streets of Verona are blaming the two rich families the Capulets and Montagues for their ancient grudge which nether their dying kids couldn’t stop. Evidence shows that the friar of Verona friar Lawrence part took in the deaths of Romeo & Juliet, the friar said to believe that he gave Juliet a potion to make her look dead for 20 or more hours. He also sends a letter to Romeo informing him were to meet up after Juliet woke up from her sleep, but unfortunately the letter did not arrive in time. Romeo was found dead 10 minutes before Juliet woke from her slumber. Juliet couldn’t bear to live without Romeo so she took what’s left from the poison and killed herself before Friar Lawrence was there to stop them. The civilians spoke up about Mercutio and his involvement in the fight with Tybalt and blame them if they never started the fight both Romeo & Juliet would be still alive and in love. But some of the Veronians also blame lady and lord Capulet for their arranged marriage with Lord Paris and that was Juliet’s breaking point Juliet thought that the only way out was through death. But all of this could have been avoided if the families would settle their differences between each other for the kids because none of them even know what they are fighting. Most of the blame goes to Paris and his infatuation with Juliet and for a 13 year old that’s a lot of pressure, arrange