Suicide Research Paper

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17 February 2013

Quote 1: “Each year, about thirty thousand people in the United States commit suicide. A much greater number attempt it—estimates range from 120,000 to 750,000 a year. People kill, or attempt to kill, themselves in a number of different ways, from overdosing on drugs to shooting or hanging themselves. Their reasons are varied and complex. Biological, psychological, and social forces can all play a role,” (Gale 1).

Quote 2: “More men than women commit suicide in almost every country for which statistics are available. Suicide rates differ from country to country,” (Gale 1).

Quote 3: “By the late 1800s, views of suicide in many countries focused less on morals and more on science. Many psychologists described suicide as a result of mental illness, while one early sociologist considered it a product of social forces. According to these new scientific views, people committed suicide because of conditions beyond their control. Therefore, they could not be held morally responsible for the act,” (Gale 1).

Paraphrase 1: Many people commit suicide for many different reasons. Suicide is more common in men than women. There are different way to commit suicide; hanging yourself, overdose, shooting yourself. Suicide can be caused from psychological reasons such as a loss in the family. Suicide should never be the way out of your problems (Gale 1). _____________________________________________________________________________________

Quote 1: “ Suicide occurs when a person ends their life. It is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans. But suicide deaths are only part of the problem. More people survive suicide attempts than actually die. They are often seriously injured and need medical care,” (Understanding Suicide 1).

Quote 2: “Suicide also affects the health of the community. Family and friends of people who commit suicide may feel shock, anger, guilt, and depression. The medical costs and lost wages associated with suicide also take their toll on the community,” (Understanding Suicide 1).

Quote 3: “Suicide, by definition, is fatal. Those who attempt suicide and survive may have serious injuries like broken bones, brain damage, or organ failure. Also, people who survive often have depression and other mental health problems,” (Understanding Suicide 1).

Paraphrase 1: Suicide is when someone takes their own life. Most people live through committing suicide rather than dying. Suicide…