Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Berkeley Stewart
April 20, y

Who’s To Blame?
For Romeo and Juliet’s Death

Everyone knows the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet: two young lovers who each took their own lives unknowingly and unnecessarily. But who was really to blame for their deaths? Was it the feuding between their families or Romeo’s past love interest Rosaline? Romeo and Juliet could possibly be blamed for their own deaths. There had always been some hard feelings, and even hatred, between Juliet’s family, the Capulets, and Romeo’s family, the Montagues. Since the feuding between these two families had been going on for hundreds of years, Romeo and Juliet’s love affair would have been disapproved immediately once discovered. Therefore, when Lord Capulet arranged for Juliet to marry Count Paris, she automatically became very emotional and wanted to pretend to kill herself with a sleeping potion. Juliet wanted to end her life because of her father’s plans for her to marry a man she barely knew and did not love. If the feuding amongst the two families had not existed, Romeo and Juliet could have been open about their love for each other, and the arranged marriage for Juliet would never have happened. The two young lovers could have gotten married and the tragic ending would have been avoided. Prior to falling in love with Juliet, Romeo had been madly in love with Rosaline. Romeo realized his love for Rosaline was not going anywhere so he needed to find someone else. As he was trying to get over Rosaline, Benvolio persuaded Romeo to go to the Capulet’s party so maybe he could fall in love. While at the Capulet’s party and trying to see Rosaline, Romeo spotted Juliet. This event was really the beginning of the courtship and love affair. So if Romeo had never been in love with Rosaline, he never would have gone to the party. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet would never have met and fallen in love, so they wouldn't have died. Romeo and Juliet definitely were to blame as well. They knew their parents would never have approved of the…