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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare prove that deal the things with hastiness and impulsivity can destroy the Romeo and Juliet ‘s love. It is very bad to do the things with hastiness and impulsivity. This is same as doing the things with any thinking. If people always do the things hastily. They will fail anyway. In the story, Romeo and Juliet just meet in a party and then they fall in love deeply. Unfortunately, this couple always make a lot of impulsive incidents that makes them finally fail. They never think about a good plan for their future. The people around them like their friends and parents all disagree about this impulsive marriage. There is three different of main characters do the impulsive incidents.Romeo’s hastiness and impulsivity make his love and life fail. Friar Lawrence make some bad decisions to Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s faith of love makes her do the things with hastiness and impulsivity.

In conclusion, the downfall of Romeo and Juliet results from the hastiness and impulsivity. Romeo gives up his love to Rosaline frivolously and quickly marries Juliet; Friar Lawrence is like an experienced mentor for Romeo and Juliet but he hastily plans the wedding for them and suggests the elopement, his failure of sending the message to Romeo is the biggest mistake he makes that causes the downfall of Romeo and Juliet; Juliet's love to Romeo is impulsive, since she hastily drinks the potion and kills herself suddenly when she sees her husband is dead. Finally, Romeo and Juliet becomes a tragedy that causes people's feeling of sadness and regrets for them, and the reason why they goes to the downfall is the impulsivity and hastiness