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By: Eden Frost
Yesterday was a bloody day in Verona for the two ever- fueding house holds of the Montagues and Capulets. Two people were killed in the street fight; one from each house; Mecutio and Tybalt are the names of the desceased. Eyewitnesses say that Benvolio and Mercutio were the first ones on the scene, Tybalt was the next to arrive and he was the one to provoke the fight between himself and Mercutio. After Mercutio was slain, Tybalt fled the scene but later returned to fight Romeo who then avenged the death of Mercutio by killing Tybalt.
This bloody outcome was preceded by this long-standing feud between the two houses. It came to a head yesterday afternoon when Tybalt challenged Romeo to a fight for embarrassing him at the Capulet’s party. After Romeo refused to fight him, Mercutio stepped forward taking the challenge and they started to fight. Romeo lunged in front of the two trying to break it up but instead of helping his friend, Tybalt slid his sword under Romeo’s arm, killing Mercutio. After stabbing Mercutio, Tybalt fled the scene but after realizing that he killed the wrong man he returns to finish what he started. Very quickly the encounter turns deadly as Romeo slays Tybalt. At the urging of his friend Benvolio, Romeo fled from the scene of the murders.

The warring Montagues and Capulets clashed yesterday afternoon, leaving two dead. E4rccShortly after these violent crimes occurred the Prince came to see what all the