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Examine the relationship between Capulet and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet looking at Act 1 Scene 2 and Act 3 Scene 5.

In the story/play of Romeo and Juliet, the story is set in patriarchal times. This would mean that the women would not have a significant part in the society, they can’t even own a house, or choose who to marry. Shakespeare shows this throughout the play by talking about Juliet like she was a piece of meat as shown in Act 1 Scene 2.

In act 1 scene 2 the scene takes place on the streets on Verona outside the Market place, coincidently giving the impression off that he is selling his daughter off too Paris. It is an all male scene focusing on the arranged marriage of Juliet and Paris. Throughout this scene Capulet is talking about Juliet if she was an object, it sounds like he is selling her to Paris. Capulet says “Let two more summers wither in their pride, ere we may think her ripe to be a bride” I think this backs up my point because he is practically saying she is a bit young now, give it another year or two and you can marry her if you’re still interested, this shows how Juliet has no way within the marriage, as she is not even in the scene which is focused on her, I think this shows how little power women had, within there own marriage. Capulet and Paris’ relationship within this scene gives the impression that they are business partners. Capulet response to Paris’ request to marry Juliet is cautious because of her age, however he wants him to marry in because of his title and authority within the play, however he has been told if you wish to marry Juliet you will have too wait a year or two, I think Capulet’s response is quite surprising here because of the patriarchal society, normally I would expected him to just agree because of the fact Paris is a prince, and a typical patriarchal father would not be bothered about the age of his daughter because as Paris said “younger than she are happy mothers made” which means there has been younger getting married, but Capulet disagrees. Later in this scene Capulet describes all the young women at the ball as “well-apparelled, earth-treading stars”, when he says this he is basing them on looks not personality which was typical in those days, however he also says “Even such delight among fresh fennel buds” which means “it gives me such delight looking at the fresh females here for you two pick from” on this bit, I think Capulet is saying “talk too all the women you like here today and if you like Juliet the best you can marry her or if you don’t you can’t.” I think he is talking as if these women are objects and have no say, marriage these days was not based on love it was based on looks and title as you can tell from here.

Capulet changes his mind within two days after telling Paris he needed too wait a year because he thinks Juliet is grieving for her cousin Tybalt who recently died, he think it’ll relieve her sadness marrying Paris, whereas Juliet is upset because Romeo is going to be banned out of Verona.

Act 3 scene 5 opens up in Juliet’s bedroom, in this scene there is Romeo and Juliet they are talking about how Romeo is happy to stay and die if it means he will get too see Juliet, At this point in the play the nurse knows that Juliet and Romeo are seeing each other, and runs upstairs to warn Juliet that Lady Caplet is on her way up the stairs to talk to Juliet. Lady Capulet misunderstands why Juliet’s not well she thinks she is still sad about Tybalt, this shows the relationship between Juliet and her parents are not very close and doesn’t understand why Juliet is so sad, and has so questions about it. Later on in this scene when Capulet finds out that Juliet does not want to marry Juliet he acts like she has no choice weather she does or not, I know this because he says…