Romeo and Juliet and Different Chooses Essays

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Who is to blame? The Romeo and Juliet story is a very sad tragedy but there could have been lots of moments in the story where they could have done something and it could of change the outcome of the story. I believe the way the story ended was mostly the friar fault because the decision he made. First of all, the first reason the storied ended sad was because he married them secretly. He didn’t tell anyone about the secret marriage he arranged for Romeo and Juliet, not even their families. Keeping a secret that big from their families was going to end horrible in the first place. Also they barely knew each other, Romeo and Juliet just met and he knew that. But he stilled married them together after just a few of hours they met. The friar should have thought of the decision he was making when he married a 13 year old girl with a 16 year old boy. Another reason that it was the friar fault was because he kept trying to fix the problem but made it worse. The decision he made by making a plan to pretend to kill Juliet for two days with a potion and sending a letter to Romeo telling him that she was not dead was just a bad plan in the first place. So many things could of gone wrong, like in the story Romeo actually thinks she dead so he kills himself with the poison and Juliet wakes up to find him dead, then she kills herself by stabbing a knife through her. One factor that could of gone wrong was what if she did wake up and her parents and Paris saw her alive, she would have to marry Paris. Also how would the friar explain that Juliet died and woke up and he had something to do with it? He would have to tell the truth that Romeo and Juliet are married or he would have to marry Paris and Juliet. If I was the friar and I had a chance to go through all that again I would make different chooses. To begin with, I would not have married them at all. Maybe this would have caused fewer problems because he wouldn’t have had a problem to keep a secret and worry about getting caught. Also Romeo and Juliet just met, maybe not marring them would have been a good choose and I would have tried to talk to Romeo and tell him to slow down, that he moving