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Yr 11-English
Yr 11-English

Question: How important is act 1 scene 5 of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet the play as whole?
Romeo and Juliet were written by William Shakespeare around 1595. This play has been written among many other tragedies by Shakespeare such as, "Macbeth" and "Hamlet". However Romeo and Juliet is one of the most tragic Shakespeareans plays of all time. This play is about hate, tragedy and most importantly Love. It’s about two young lovers, Romeo from the Montague and Juliet from the Capulet’s who both fall in love when both families had many problems and have always hated each other. However Romeo and Juliet’s love creates even more chaos for both families. Although it is a play about love, there are many scenes that certainly contain violence and conflict.
The play is a tragedy and the hate that drives Romeo and Juliet to their own suicide. The First scene shows both sides of the story - displaying dialogue from members of both houses and this helps to describe the inherent hatred that members of each house have for each other, the themes of love and hate are very important in the play as the plot is driven by these two themes. However in this essay I will discuss and analyses how important act 1 scene 5 is, I will also talk about the most important Characters in the play, Language, Structure, Linguistic Devices which Shakespeare uses to create different effects mood, dramatic techniques and my own opinion and Conclusion to sum up my answers.
Act 1 scene 5 is very important to the whole play, this Scene has mixed emotions of love and hate which keeps the audience’s attention and keeps them interested. This scene is dramatically effective as it opens with speech of Capulet and the happy and joyous mood of the party when Romeo enters. It is also on an important scene in the play because it is the first time when Romeo and Juliet meet and realize their love for one another. After Juliet finds out Romeo is a Montague she says to her self “My only love sprung from my only true hate!” This tells us that Juliet thought she had found her true love yet she cannot love him as he is a Montague. The scene also reveals information about Capulet and his personality and Tybalt and his attitudes.
There are many characters in the play and Romeo is one of the two title characters in the play and is the son to Lord and Lady Montague but he is not at all interested in violence like some of his family members. His only interest is love. He secretly marries Juliet, the daughter of his father’s worst enemy. Risking his life at the Capulet's house to be near Juliet. Romeo is a thoughtful man, unwilling to provoke fighting. At the end of the play, he commits suicide, rather than live without Juliet, the ultimate display of loyalty for his love Juliet since his life obviously no longer had meaning without her. Romeo dies before he can be told that Juliet is still alive. His death then causes Juliet to commit suicide.
Juliet is also the daughter of Lord and Lady