Romeo and Juliet and Significant Decisions Essay

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Choice Determines Outcome
Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, dismal outcomes are the result of either choices made by different characters or by destiny. In the prologue, Shakespeare states that the relationship between Romeo and Juliet is death marked, and no matter what happens they are destined to die. Romeo’s death is an exceptional example of their fate since Juliet wakes up minutes after Romeo kills himself. However, with a closer look, the deaths of Juliet, Tybalt, and Romeo are caused by small, but significant decisions made by themselves or others.
The decisions induced by Juliet, as well as, other characters cause Juliet’s tragic demise. Before Juliet’s marriage with Paris, Juliet decides to threaten the Friar that “ if thy wisdom thou casnt give (her) no help”(4.1.53) she will commit suicide. Juliet’s decision causes the Friar to come up with a plan, which turns out to be a disaster, killing Juliet in the process. Nevertheless, Capulet choosing to move up the date of the wedding for Juliet helping to cause the Friar’s plan to ultimately fail. Furthermore, the Friar chooses to “dare no longer stay”(5.3.164) at the Capulet tomb because of the watch enclosing in. As a result, Juliet is left alone in the tomb to kill herself next to Romeo’s dead body. Therefore; the better choices can prevent tragic events such as the death of Juliet and Tybalt.
Tybalt’s death is not due to fate, but by a series of choices made by different characters. For Instance, Romeo does not tell Tybalt that he is married to Juliet, as Romeo “doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such a greeting”(3.1.64) when called a villain. If Romeo were to have told Tybalt of his marriage, Tybalt would have known exactly why Romeo does not want to fight, and there would be no bloodshed. Mercutio is also partly responsible for Tybalt’s death since he decides to dual Tybalt, in Romeo’s place, because of his audacity to defend the Montagues honor. Finally, Romeo decides to “beat down their rapiers”(3.1.92), but instead he gets caught in the middle of the fight, and Tybalt accidentally stabs Mercutio under the arm. Tybalt is now accountable for murder and will definitely be executed by law if not by someone else. Thus, Tybalt’s and Romeo’s deaths are the cause of a chain of decisions made by various characters in the play. Romeo’s death is determined by the decisions made by people he encounters. Instead of kicking