Romeo and Juliet and Time Essay

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The Role of Time Even though Romeo and Juliet had their problems of love and affection; something bigger is between them. The role of time was the most important factor in the literature written by William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet). The mistaken time management had led to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. In every event time would contribute its role. Time would affect us even if it is for the worst part of a humans life; death. In his story William Shakespeare intended to demonstrate that everything is meant to happen and where they happened for a reason. He had continuously tried to show this in many different occasions.
The effect time has on an event is the most important impact in the future. For example, if the navy seals team would have taken a day after the search for Osama, they would most likely run into an empty bedroom. The exact time they attacked was possibly the only time they had to complete their goal. Just like every throw a NFL quarter back completes needs exact time. Time is the reason why everything happens. Therefore in Romeo and Juliet the aspect time is very influential.
A very important death that had been affected by time was the death of the princes kings man Mercutio. The death of Mercutio was caused by a strike of tybalts rapier. Before Romeo desperately tried to break up the fight mercutio had already been stabbed. In his dying breath Mercutio stated "Ask for me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man (3/1/89-90)." If Romeo had attempted to make peace five seconds before Mercutio’s death he would have been able to live yet another day without being a graved man.
Other than just affecting the outcome of events in a negative way time also pays an important role positively. An example of time positively making an outcome is the meeting of the future husband and wife, Romeo and Juliet. After being emotionally depressed about Rosaline Romeo heard news that may have changed his life. He was informed of the party his rivals, Capulet, were throwing a party. Therefore Romeo made it his obligation to attend the party. In reference to time e playing a role, if Romeo didn’t come out of his secluded area he would never been informed of this party.
In act two of The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo had already found his love and approached her at her house. At the balcony of Juliet’s house things between the two lovers started to take its course. Juliet speaking to Romeo in which she doesn’t know where is located stated “O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her Circled orb, lest that thy prove likewise variable (2/2/113-115)." By sating this she told Romeo that she does not want him to swear to the moon because