Romeo and Juliet both committed suicide Essay

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VERONA - Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, known by the city as the couple caught by the feud between their families, died in a sequence of compounding suicides in the churchyard of Capulet yesterday evening. Friar Laurence, the priest, found the corpses of Romeo and Juliet, and provided testimony to their suicide.

Due to Romeo’s banishment transmitted by the prince as a penalty of Tybalt’s death, Juliet was forbidden to meet Romeo. Capulet decided Juliet should marry Paris for the sake of end her sadness; however, she refused to do so and indicated she would rather die. She went to Friar Lawrence, the cleric who established her wedding with Romeo, asked him for help and was provided a sleeping potion to pretend dead.

While Juliet was in a coma, Friar Lawrence wrote a letter to inform Romeo about the plan. However, the letter had never reached Romeo. As the news of Juliet’s induced coma didn’t come through fast enough, Romeo kissed Juliet and committed suicide via a bottle of poison which he got from the apothecary. In succession to Romeo’s death, Juliet woke up and noticed the affairs; she kissed Romeo’s lips and hoped to die by the residual poison, but nothing happened. Hearing the approaching city watchmen and the prince, she finally stabbed herself with Romeo’s dagger and died upon Romeo’s body.

The case has a final conclusion of suicides, but nobody in the Capulet family understood that, after the death her cousin Tybalt, Juliet’s sadness actually came