Romeo And Juliet Dbq

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While it takes a village to raise a child, and many people influence and assist teenagers as they navigate their first love, it’s your parents who are the closest to you, guide you, and make decisions in life and love that can change your life forever. Immediate evidence directs the blame towards Friar John and his being easily thwarted, but his actions do not actually cause the tragedy. Additionally, although Friar Lawrence makes many foolhardy actions, he is not the lead culprit either. But rather, Lord Capulet, with his haste and impatience, is truly culpable for the untimely and tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

The failure to deliver the vital letter to Romeo plays a direct role in the tragedy of the two lovers, but the obvious culprit
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Lord Capulet’s opinion about the power his daughter holds drastically and rapidly changes. At first, Capulet trusts Juliet, and explains to Paris that his opinion is not the only one that matters with events relating to Juliet: “My will to [Juliet’s] consent is but a part.” (Doc. D) He acknowledges that Juliet’s say is also important in issues dealing with her marriage, even the one with Paris. Two days after his statement to Paris, Lord Capulet changes his view. The sudden shift by Lord Capulet adds to the situation’s psychological effect on Juliet. When Juliet is told on Tuesday that she is going to marry Paris on Thursday, she expresses her opinion, “[Paris] shall not make me there a joyful bride…” (Doc. D) Lord Capulet responds extremely harshly to his daughter, “[Juliet will marry Paris] or [Lord Capulet] will drag [her] on a hurdle thither.” (Doc. C) Lord Capulet continues to viciously insult Juliet, and calls her a “green-sickness carrion” and “baggage.” (Doc. C) These statements from the person who is supposed to be Juliet’s role model are extremely detrimental. She is threatened with being dragged out across the streets of Verona on a hurdle if she doesn't willingly marry Paris. This threat leaves her feeling like she is optionless, and has only one way out of marrying the person her father wants her to. Lord Capulet