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Philip Vrzovski
1st hour
English 9
Romeo and Juliet Essay The teachings of the play Romeo & Juliet still have a merit today because some students disobey their parents, fall in love, and still lie to their parents like how Romeo and Juliet did. The kids and teenagers nowadays could relate to this. It seems like teens and kids nowadays are more independent and tend to do what they like. This could relate to how Romeo and Juliet acted in the play. These are the examples on how the teens and kids of this generation relate to Romeo and Juliet and how the play still has a merit today. It seems like in high school more students are worried about falling in love than doing their schoolwork. This is also kind of how Rome and Juliet acted when they fell in love; love was all they thought about. Also almost every kid has heard about the love story of Romeo and Juliet so these kids are influenced by this play and they go out to lurk for love themselves. It seems like relationships are starting younger and younger as time goes on; even though Juliet was 13 teens and kids start dating at this age and tend to “fall in love “in middle school. This is proof that students still fall in love today just like how Romeo and Juliet did. Many students nowadays do lie to their parents a lot whether it is from finishing their homework from doing chores. Teens lie to their parents like how Romeo and Juliet did. Our generation is a lot more secretive kind of like what went on between Romeo and Juliet with their parents. Another example is how Romeo and Juliet kept their relationship a secret to their families, teens still now keep their relationship status a secret from their families to save themselves from embarrassment, just like how both Romeo and Juliet were shy to tell their parents because they didn’t know how they would react. These are some examples of how students still lie to their parents just in similarity like how Romeo and Juliet did. The last reason on how Romeo and Juliet