Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Nehemiah Jones
Mrs. Quick
English 9 Honors
7 May 2012
Is There A Reason For Everything? Many people just read novels for the excitement, but many fail to see the true meaning of the novel. In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, William Shakespeare helps to answer the question, “does everything happen for a reason?” in the events of Romeo and Juliet’s separation of families, and their deaths. Shakespeare shows the reader that some events occur to bind people together. In Shakespeare’s famous script Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare shows a strong feud that dates back long before anyone could remember why the two families were fighting between Romeo Montague’s family, and Juliet Capulet’s. At this time, the two main characters did not want anything to do with the other because they had not met yet, also because of the feud. Before Romeo and Juliet met and were married, there was nothing but bitter hate between the two families. They disrupted innocent civilians so much that even the prince had to come and tell the two families that if one more person dies, then he will execute the killer (Romeo and Juliet 1.1. ). Shakespeare gives these two families the great hate for each other to show how two people can be put in a situation to make a difference and bring peace to a history of war. When Romeo and Juliet meet it is love at first sight ( ). When they first meet they have no clue that they are from different families. Juliet just assumed that Romeo was a Capulet or friend of the Capulet family just because it was suppose to be an exclusive party so that Paris could win over Juliet (Romeo and Juliet 1.2 or 3. ). When Romeo and Juliet saw each other Romeo quickly stole the show from Paris. After that night Romeo and Juliet already knew they should be married. After a few days the Friar Laurence marries them secretly hoping that their love would bring peace to both the houses (Romeo and Juliet _). Shakespeare picks these two characters to make peace between the two families for the reason that they are both children with big influence in their households. Juliet and Romeo tragically die at the end of the novel for their love. Romeo dies from poison after seeing Juliet’s faux dead body, and Juliet dies from Romeo’s knife after she sees Romeo lying dead. Before Romeo died he killed yet another man. Outside of the Capulet tomb, Romeo and the County Paris got into a sword fight and Romeo killed the man that was supposed to be married to Juliet. Paris’s last wish was that Romeo would lay his body in the