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Romeo and Juliet Essay Throughout the world peoples actions are influenced by their environment. Especially by who employs them, employers can influence the way you act and how you make choices. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the Capulet Nurse changes her perspective on Romeo and Juliet's marriage because of Lord Capulet, her employer. Romeo and Juliet fell in love at a party and even though they love each other, their families do not. The feuding Capulet family influences the Nurse helping Romeo and Juliet. When conflict arises between Juliet and her father the Nurse immediately sides with the father, again her employer. The Nurse changes throughout the story from being for Romeo to being against the Romeo. The Capulet Nurse is Juliet’s care taker. The Nurse is a very loud character. She also wears ridiculous outfits. In the story Mercutio, who is a crazy friend of Romeo, actually makes fun of what she’s wearing. He says “ A sail , a sail!”(Act 2, scene 4, line 107) She undermines the family to help prosper Romeo and Juliet's relationship. She delivers messages to Romeo and encourages Juliet to marry Romeo. Although she makes a fool of herself she is still very helpful. In the story the Nurse is very pro-Romeo. She helps Juliet and is on her side. The Narrator states “The Nurse comes to carry a message from Juliet to Romeo.”(Act 2, Scene 4, Narrator) Juliet also confides all her secrets to the Nurse. Besides Romeo and

Dyer 2 the Friar the nurse was the only one Juliet could confide to. She told the Nurse all of her stories and knows that the Nurse will support her and say what she is doing is right. During the story the Nurse is still on Juliet’s side and still for Romeo. They get married and she is very happy for Juliet. People also still respect her. In the story Mercutio says “God ye good-den, Fair gentlewomen.” (Act 2, Scene 4, Line 115) But conflict starts to arrive, like the death of Tybalt and the Nurse still supports Juliet but her support is