Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet
In the play Romeo and Juliet, the nurse and Friar Lawrence do have some similar functions and also differences which take part. Most of their similarities and differences play a big part in the story. They both are strongly trusted by Romeo and Juliet. They both help Romeo and Juliet with their problems by keeping and sending secrets and also they both disagree with their family feud as they think it’s useless. Above all they support their relationship; this is what builds their trust to Romeo and Juliet. But as the story progresses, the Nurse losses her loyalty as she sides with Juliet’s family as she think it’s a good idea for Juliet to marry Paris.
The Nurse plays a meaningful and an important role in the life of Juliet; she also helps Romeo at some stages of the story. The Nurse is who looks after Juliet, helping her with her dilemma and her misconceptions. She helps Juliet with her strong relationship with Romeo by sending and keeping secrets. At one stage the Nurse had to send a message “My young Lady bid me inquire you out; when she bid me, I will keep myself” act 2 scene 4. This message was to acquaint Romeo after he was banished. This shows that the Nurse also keeps a good relationship with Romeo, helping him with his needs in order to support his contact with Juliet so the relationship stays alive. As the story proceeds and as things get serious with both the families, Juliet losses her trust in the Nurse when she accustoms her with this quote “I think it is best you married with the county. O, his lovely gentleman!” Act 3 scene5. She says this after she finds out that her relationship with Romeo can’t be kept, she now is on her family side. Juliet now only has one hope and that is Friar Lawrence.
Friar Lawrence is an old and respected character who also plays a huge role in the story. He is a priest who helps with the preparation of Romeo and Juliet’s wedding. He helps Romeo to make the most important decision of all and he also believes that their family feud has no meaning. After hearing that Romeo got a banished from Verona, Juliet threatens to kill herself and also makes harsh decisions. But the Friar steps in and says “hold, daughter! I do spy a kind of hope…” act 4 scene1. He calms Juliet down and takes her through a plan to try and save her relationship with Romeo. He also helps in the most desperate situations by warning Romeo at many stages by saying “Arise; one knocks. Good Romeo, hide thy self” act 3 scene3. This was after he was banished and needed to stay hidden. Friar Lawrence’s main objective of helping Romeo was after he says “for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancour to pure love” act 2 scene3. This was in the first conversation when Rome introduced Juliet as his new love and getting Friar to marry him with her. This shows that Friar Lawrence is depending on this relationship to be successful which the same intention of the Nurse was.
The Nurse and Friar Lawrence play very similar roles on the story line. They both help Romeo and Juliet. They help keep things in secret and the both disagree with the family feud as they think lousy. But most important of all them both encourage the relationship of Romeo and Juliet, but at one stage the Nurse losses her loyalty. Through the story Romeo and Juliet depend on the Nurse and Friar Lawrence to be