Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Yet, even with these qualities, his monstrous misdeeds still demonstrate that Macbeth can only be considered a frightful demon or “-something wicked” (Second Witch iv, Lines 44-45), which outweighs his very few hero-like characteristics. Now, there are many things that can justify this claim, starting with what drove him to becoming such a monstrosity. The main culprit at fault for this seems to be his own conscience which helps develop his evil nature. One’s conscious mind can be considered as “-one of the cements that binds us together and keeps us human” (Lewis, Block Helen, Lines 12-13) and is often the cause of a human’s downfall. When this fails, a person can become very corrupt, cold, and, heartless, so heartless that he comes to own no disregard for anything including another human’s life and damages his sense of guilt. Guilt is the feeling that someone would normally have after doing wrong, and it can transform itself into what is known as “guilty fear,” something often confused with guilt but, is no more than just the fear of being punished for the bad deeds a person commits. A scene symbolizing this is when Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost sitting on his stool and, he declares, “Thou canst not say i did it, Never shake thy gory locks at me” (Macbeth iii, Lines 50-51). At this moment, Macbeth feels fear of being held responsible for Banquo’s death and he responds similar to a child stating “It wasn’t me” when asked if he has eaten the last cookie after being instructed not to or as