Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Sometimes being young is difficult. When one is at a youthful age, certain situations often feel more horrible than they actually are. In the play Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare portrays the love life and foolish decisions of two impatient teenagers whose immaturity is one of the reasons of their own deaths. The individuals alone show ignorance and when they are together it is as if the childish behaviour doubles. As a result of their naivete, Romeo and Juliet fall in love incredibly fast.
Notably, Juliet is shown as immature by her father when he states that his child is “yet a stranger to the world”, (Act I, Scene ii, Lines 8/9) when conversing with the wife-seeking Paris. It is also showcased in the balcony scene, when Juliet consents to marry Romeo after knowing him for roughly 24 hours. In particular, Juliet as well as Romeo are immature because of their decision of straying away from their parents wishes to be together, which is typical rebellious behaviour. Juliet's immaturity results in her father pushing her to marry Paris however, many think that Juliet's parents are slightly immature for carrying on a grudge for as long as they did.
Many agree that Friar Laurence was right when he utters that young men love “with their eyes” and not with “their hearts.” (Act II, Scene iii, Lines 68/69) Romeo's inclination to fall in love so easily was first shown in his love for Rosaline. Shakespeare illustrated perfectly when Romeo first met Juliet, saying how he had never seen “true beauty” until now, and that ideally depicts how Romeo loves with his eyes, not so much with his heart. (Act I, Scene iiiii, Line 51) Romeo seems to have forgotten Rosaline like old news, but he spoke about Juliet just like he spoke about Rosaline only a couple of hours earlier. Romeo's immaturity was more demonstrated by the incredibly foolish way he took care of his best friend Mercutio being murdered- by murdering the murderer. He thought nothing of the consequences when he slew Tybalt, which made his life crack down around him