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Romeo and Juliet Logs
Log 1: Was the Prince’s ultimatum a good idea? Yes, it is a good idea. Because dealing with two powerful families, the threat to death is always better than other punishments. Capulet and Montague are two huge family, Prince can’t just definite the right or wrong, or the disadvantage family may make some troubles to Prince. So I think this is good decision.

Log 2: What did Paris ask, and how did Capulet respond ? Paris asked to marry Juliet, but Capulet said Juliet is not even 14 years old and it’s too young to be married. It’s apparently to see that Capulet is a wise man who cares about his only daughter and he cared about the peace between Capulet and Montague.
Log 3: Describe the personalities of the Nurse, Juliet, and Lady Capulet. I think nurse took care of Juliet like taking care of her own daughter, no any servants will remember such a small detail unless they really care about the people they served or serving.(Act 1 Scene 3, Line30-49) Lady Capulet seems like not really care about the feelings of Juliet, she just followed the orders for Capulet, and had no patience for her daughter or her daughter’s experiment.(Act 1 Scene3, Line50;70-75) Juliet just like we, had many fantasies, yearn for good stuff and people, and she is easy to accept others’ thoughts and speeches. (Act1 Scene 3, Line 69)
Log 4: Summarize Mercutio's "Queen Mab" speech It’s tiny like a jewel on the ring, they are the midwife of fairies.There’s some insects/mosquitoes help it drives the cart. The cart is made of spider’s feet and nets, the wings of grasshoppers, cricket’s bone and the lash of film. It got and it gave the people that had it the best fantasy that they have ever imagined.
Log 5: Explain why you think Romeo and Juliet fall in love so quickly. I think the environment of them is the cause of their quick relationship. Every girl has their own curiousness and the “dream Mr Right”. But she born in a rich family which caused she hardly have the chances to know about the world, and had little freedom. Besides, she was being forced to be married to a guy that she didn’t love. Then she met Romeo ------ A handsome guy, at lease better looking than Paris, she felt a new emotion or passion that she never had,so she can fall in love with Romeo so quickly. Romeo just broke up with Rosaline, and he found out that he fell in love with Juliet at the same second he saw her, so no need greetings... Scientifically, they are still in puberty. So they will had sexual feelings to opposite sex, or same, they want to reverse the fate. So this also an important reason. But the most important, they need to finish the script before sunset.
Log 6: Choose five quotes spoken by either Romeo or Juliet (I.v.), and explain Line:44-58: This long speech expresses the love to Juliet and the eager to meet her every second. All the words that he said are all expressing his admire to Juliet, her beauty and her charm. He felt like nobody, even Rosaline can’t be compare with her. Line:93-96: This line confess his love to Juliet, just like Juliet is Taylor Swift, Romeo is her ultimate fan, cannot wipe her out of his mind. Line:101;103-104: Ask for Juliet for a kiss, but deeply, is asking Juliet is willing to be his girlfriend or not. After Juliet “said” yes, he felt to release, reborn, he just likes a fanatic in love. Line:120: This sentence express the panic of Romeo, because he was panicking that he can hardly meet Juliet again! Line:137-141: This line expressed the worry of Juliet, and shown the audience that this couple may not have a happy ending.
Log 7:Explain whether or not you think it is a good idea of the Friar to agree to marry Romeo and Juliet. Yes, it is. Because this the only way can determine they won’t have regrets no matter what is going to happen in the future. This helped the Romeo and Juliet more treasured each other and when Paris ask for marry Juliet, this could be a secret weapon to reject it. It made