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Hernandez 1 Try to envisage or empathize living an ordinary city in Ohio, life wasn’t convoluted just amazing. Now picture this, being clueless to forthcoming news from your parents advising that when the beginning of June comes around the corner, your family will pack everything up and move to a new city in Ohio, leaving everyone and all the unfinished or finished business, accomplishments and schemes behind. When this transpires not only one’s whole life is altered but also the whole family, some affected more than the rest. I felt as if my father was trying to demolish me and my life at that particular moment and I retained those unpleasant feelings with me for a distinct period of time. Like Romeo and Juliet I learned that it takes great love to end a great hate because of my hatred perspective view at my dad for making me and my sisters move. My participation conveys to the chosen theme on account of when my father unfolded dreadful information divulging that he had come to a resolution of moving to a new city in Ohio; Vandalia, to converge with his girlfriend Jennifer. This tragic news was announced to me and my family at the beginning of 2011 towards the end of my 5th grade year. The source of that occurrence was hapless, catastrophic and not to mention shocking. The reason for this was; a year and a half ago my father, my two sisters and I had just moved to Perrysburg, Ohio from the glamorous lifestyle in Plainfield, Illinois. For that dramatic change moving to Perrysburg, Ohio had caused me to spend a period of time to convalesce the move. After an abundant amount of time I had become attached to where I lived, I had a strong, substantial friendship with two girls at my school; I had engrossed in all the information at my school and got caught up with how everything worked around Perrysburg. I had accustomed to my new life that I had learned to

Hernandez 2 adore that I didn’t once gave an ideation of living in a divergent residence. So that’s why it was a dramatic life changing shocker for me and my sisters. I remember the day my father had provided us with the unanticipated news of us moving to Vandalia, like it was last month. I recall myself sauntering through my white as ever front door after school and heading to the kitchen for a snack only to discover my dad’s girlfriend, Jennifer and my dad standing close to each other by the vacant sink. I apprehended the sound in the background of Jennifer’s youngest daughter watching TV. I overheard my dad bickering with Jennifer about her Job and his job and Perrysburg to Vandalia but I still didn’t give it thought to what their conversation was about. I had dropped my green patterned book bag by the lofty, wooden kitchen table and moved closer to the counter in front of where they both were standing behind of. The kitchen smelt as if it were freshly cleaned up with sweet, lemon scented products. That’s when my dad called my name and spilled out the atrocious news. My heart instantly sank; I didn’t realize I