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Liz Ross
Mrs. Harnden
English 12
5 November 2014

Romeo and Juliet Review
On a lovely November 4th, I saw Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet at the Hilberry
Theater at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. The main theme of the show is feuds between families should not come between two people in love. Another theme is that falling in and out of love too quickly can lead to heartache and maybe even death.
The plot begins with the quarrel between some members of the feuding families, the
Montagues and the Capulets. This feud has been ongoing longer than any family member can recall what its origin was about. Romeo Montague played by Miles Boucher, begins Act 1 in a state of depression over his previous love, Rosaline. His friends and family, including
Mercutio, Brandon Grantz, and Benvolia, Bevin Bell­Hall, are trying to help him forget about his lost love.
The actors over all did a wonderful job, so full of life that I felt as if I was there. (Romeo and Juliet) both did a marvelous job presenting the unconditional love of Romeo and Juliet without flaw, and all the beautiful actors such as Bevin Bell­Hall, Benvolia, she did an absolutely beautiful job with her spunk and playing the part of a woman the way she did back in those days was different and i loved the modern twist on the ordeal. Brandon Grantz,
Mercutio, the death scene was well played, the character as a whole was well played, I’ve

read the play multiple times and the way I…