Romeo And Juliet The Nurse Character Analysis

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In every memorable story, the central figure always has a sidekick: Batman has Robin, Mulan has Mushu, and even Ariel has Sebastian. These characters play a significant role in the success of the main character and seem to always be there to provide backup; it doesn’t matter who or what the character is, as long as they can be trusted to support the main character. In the famous story of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is able to look upon her nurse to be a reliable sidekick. The Nurse plays a prominent role in Juliet’s childhood and helps shape her into a smart, decisive individual by mentoring and supporting Juliet in troublesome situations. To demonstrate her deep love and care for Juliet, the Nurse guides the young girl through her complex life, …show more content…
For instance, as Lady Capulet is bashing Juliet, the Nurse jumps in and declares, “God in heaven bless her! You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so” (3.5.169-170). The Nurse would never dare go against Lady Capulet’s word, yet in the case of sticking up for Juliet she couldn’t help but stop Juliet’s parents from treating her in such a harsh way. The Nurse felt the need to defend Juliet because she cares immensely for her and wants to teach Juliet to stand up for herself. Another case in which the Nurse displays her unwavering support for Juliet is when she is talking to Romeo and she expresses, “Well, sir, my mistress is the sweetest lady -- Lord, Lord!” (2.4.103-104). The Nurse is always looking to praise Juliet because she loves Juliet as she would a child of her own and believes she deserves the best. The Nurse is supporting Juliet while speaking with Romeo because she knows how much Juliet truly loves Romeo and she wants Juliet to be happy in life. Without the love and attention displayed by the Nurse, Juliet would not have grown into the independent individual she is known