Romeo And Juliet Vs West Side Story

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The playwright Romeo and Juliet is a Shakespearean play of two star crossed lovers whose fates are intertwined with each other. The summary of the movie West Side Story by Ryan J. Merrill is a drama about two forbidden lovers who overcame the racial barrier that was separating them from loving each other. Both plays possess a multitude of similarities and differences.
Both Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story they both have two protagonists that fall in love despite their deadly family feuds. Using the motif of names Juliet addresses the obstacle that restricts her from loving Romeo: "’Tis but thy name that is my enemy./ Thou art thyself, though not a Montague” (Shakespeare 2.2.38-39). Romeo is a Montague, and Juliet cannot be with him, because she is a Capulet. If Romeo did not posses the name Montague than he would
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In Romeo and Juliet is a play that encompasses a multitude of figurative language. Such as rhyming couplets and motifs. On the other hand, West Side Story is a musical play that uses plot twists and musical elements to portray a point. When describing West Side Story and its genera Ryan J. Merrill says, "[t]he work will be treated as a Broadway adaption, even though the primary source is a release of the filmic DVD." (Merrill 9). Even though the play is displayed in an audiovisual manner, through a DVD. West Side Story can be represented in many ways: as a movie, play, story, and musical.When describing Romeo and Juliet, Ryan J. Merrill writes, "[t]he genre Shakespeare’s work would be ‘drama’ which would often be considered ‘poetry’ as well as in either case, the medium and asthenic focus contends that ‘it is principally by means of incandescent brilliance of its language” (Merrill 10). Shakespeare's play is written in multiply rhyming couplets and has a wide variety of poetic concepts. Therefore, Romeo and Juliet is a play that encompasses poetic