Romeo And Juliet Show Analysis

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Zachary Q Smith
Ms. Kelly
THEA 1880
16 April 2013 Romeo and Juliet Show Analysis
Romeo and Juliet is a well-known tragic play by William Shakespeare. There are many adaptations of Romeo and Juliet, but I thought this one was the closest to the actual play I read in high school. This one was also special because it was a live play, with real stage workers. The play focuses on a young lad by the name of Romeo from the Montague Family and a young lady by the name of Juliet from the Capulet Family. These royal families are archenemies and when they see each other, they cause a scene no matter where they are. Romeo, who is confused when it comes to love, attends a Capulet hosted gathering and meets Juliet. Soon after they both fall deeply for each other and sneak out to see each other. They go and get married by the friar who hopes that the linkage of the two will symbol peace in the future for the quarreling families. In reality, all the marriage does is increase the tension within and between the families plus sends both of the newly weds to their graves.
I have never been to the Shakespeare Theatre and it’s a nice old styled theatre. It has all some old antiques such as: pianos, pictures, barrels, mugs and not to mention food. I went to the Shakespeare Theatre on this play’s opening night. I honestly thought the play was going to be another boring Shakespeare play but they put on a great show enjoyed the play because it was action packed, realistic, and it broke the fourth wall. I was going to classify this play as representational but it has its presentational aspects. The actors often pointed and asked the audience questions from time to time. My friend and I sat in the action zone in