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By: Adam Kusior 2013 04 19
August Rush: Critique

After a night together, a guitarist named Louis and a cellist named Lyla are forced apart by circumstances beyond their control. Although, they do not remain together, their night together created a baby. Unfortunately, after the child's birth, Lyla is told her baby has died. Separated from his parents and placed in a foster home by his grandfather, the young boy looks for his parents. Eleven years later, when Evan Taylor is living in a boys' home, discovers his musical talent. Evan runs away to the city. Out on the streets, he meets a manipulative and dishonest street person named Wizard. He renames Evan, "August Rush" and has him play music on the streets for money. Evan/August never gives up hope that he will be reunited with his parents. Louis and Lyla are not able to forget one another.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about the movie was the mix of music genres played throughout the movie. The music played during the movie was an assortment of music such as rock, country, gospel, and classical, effortlessly combined in a way that added to the enjoyment of the movie. I enjoyed watching Evan’s musical talent grow throughout the movie, despite the many different influences. I admired Evan’s perseverance in that he never gave up looking for his parents, even when other people discouraged him. I enjoyed the ending because all of Evan’s efforts paid off and he is finally reunited with his family.