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Many people found William Shakespeare a genius. Many people were right. When “Romeo and Juliet” was created he made a great point to give both people mentors. These mentors were Friar Lawrence and the nurse. Friar Lawrence was more if Romeos mentor and the nurse was Juliet’s mentor. Both characters are a very important part in this play. Not only are they mentors that helped with making decisions, they were friends to them. The nurse and friar Lawrence are similar but seem to contrast at times. They both have different personality traits, the nurse and Friar Lawrence both like to get their opinion across, contrast on their view on the goodness of the star-crossed lovers.
First, when it comes to personality the nurse has one of the biggest personalities in the play. She is one of those people who can be on one topic and switch to another one in an instant. In the pay the nurse begins to ramble on about Juliet and her whole life while her mother is trying to address marriage to Juliet. And of course when the mother says the word marriage out loud it sends the nurse in another direction. Friar Lawrence on the other hand Friar Lawrence’s personality is sterner. Friar likes to address an issue as soon as possible. When Romeo comes to him crying he tells him to get over himself. He does this many times throughout the play. Although they have different personalities they are similar in getting there point across.
Second, When Friar Lawrence and the nurse have an opinion about something there is no way you could get them to not say anything. The nurse loves to talk. When a certain subject is mentioned she is sure to make her opinion about it. When Juliet was talking about Romeo and how killed Tybalt, the nurse went on and on about how furious she was with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is more laid back, but he still likes to share his opinion. He tells Romeo about how he thinks the star-crossed lovers will be a good thing. The nurse and Friar Lawrence love to make their opinions noticed.
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