Romeo Juliet Brief over Essay

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People have different opinions. Everyone in town is buzzing about the two star cross lovers who recently passed on. Today we’re discussing who you think was the real problem. As for myself, I think that the Friar was the main source here. I talked to Laurence, he seemed kind of reluctant to spill some of the details, but he was the one to marry them in secret.
Now, normally this would be okay, but for the Friar to suggest that they secretly ‘kill themselves’ that’s just taking it a bit far. One could argue that the Friar was just helping them out in a way that, in the long run, couldn’t hurt anyone, but look at what happened.
This affair has clearly affected more than just the duo. Take lady Capulet for example, or Paris. Innocent bystanders who just had an everyday role in Juliet’s life. Both lives were taken because of Romeo and Juliet. In the case of Tybalt’s death, who has been reported to kill Mercutio, this was Romeos fault, and an I quote “I was stabbed under your arm.”
The Friar could have prevented the permanent death of both Romeo and Juliet by suggesting alternate means than what occurred, such as a secret stowaway or even coming clean. Some people may argue that the deaths were Balthazars fault, whom was last seen traveling to Mantua, or even Friar John whose time arriving at Mantua was disastrous.
The interview with Friar Laurence was brief, but I did manage to understand that he was the one who gave Juliet a sleeping potion, but I’m still sketchy on how…