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Who is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death

I think many people believe in Fate,but in this condition I don't think Romeo and Juliet's death can be simply explained by fate. We need to take into account everything around them, like their parents,Romeo himself.....and if their love was not a secret would it have ended in tragedy?

I am going to declare why Romeo and Juliet's death can not simply explain by fate, and these are my point
-Romeo is responsible for his own death.
-Friar is responsible for their death.
-Juliet's parents are responsible for Juliet's death.

1.First of all Romeo is responsible for his own death because he does everything without thinking , just like he shouldn't go to the party in the first place thought he knows their families hate each other , and it might get him trouble , I also think he shouldn't kill Tybalt because of the conflict between Romeo and Tybalt, it lead to Tybalt getting killed and Romeo banished , and even when he doubted about Juliet's death , his first idea is " Oh My God!!!!! I am going to die with her" He even don't want to make sure is that information correct or not , after he went to Juliet's grave he just drunk the potion , he didn't check her body . If he checked the body then he won't drink the potion it might saved their lifes , and maybe they could have devised a plan together and escaped Verona.
So from the way he acted I think he lacked patience, and does everything without thinking and that cause his own death

2.Friar is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death because he was the one who allowed, even encourage them to marry , and he knew Juliet family and Romeo family hate each other and it may get things worse he still did it anyway although his intentions were real and meant to benefit both families , ultimately his plan didn't work. And more than that I think he didn't take seriously to his plan , just like he gave Juliet the potion and let her make her own death , and if he didn't give Juliet the potion then she won't drink the potion and that might saved their lifes , and the latter Friar wrote never reaches Romeo in and so that's why he doesn't know about Juliet is faking her death , and that led Romeo to buy the potion and die with her.
At the end Friar Laurence heard the Capulets coming to see Juliet and he ran away without Juliet. This caused Juliet not to stop and which she stabbed herself and died , Friar Laurence left the church because he was more concerned about his own self , but if he had stayed with Juliet he could have prevented Juliet from committing suicide.
I think he shouldn't get because he just make things worse , the plan never got Romeo and Juliet back together but caused Romeo to kill Paris and Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves.

3. Juliet's parents are responsible for their death