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Contention: Juliet’s fate is the result of the culture of hate and violence created by the feud, and the reactions of some characters to key events.
EXAMPLE: Writing an Introduction. (Underline the title Romeo and Juliet)
Start broad, work down to specific → Pointing the way to where your essay is going.

William Shakespeare’s (author) Romeo and Juliet (title) is perhaps one of the best known love stories of all time. The play (form) follows the two “star crossed lovers” (quote) from the beginning of their passionate relationship through to their tragic (reference to tragedy) deaths. Shakespeare intends for the audience to sympathise with its central characters, in particular Juliet. Responsibility for her death cannot be clearly laid on one particular character or incident. Rather, it is a combination of actions and events that contribute to the final outcome. (Contention + brief explanation)
The culture of hatred and violence which has emerged in Verona as a result of an “ancient” family feud, and the actions of Tybalt and Mercutio are ultimately the biggest contributing factors which lead to Juliet’s tragic fate (signposting central arguments)

Intro: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of his great love tragedies. The play is set in the town of Verona in Italy and follows the two “star crossed lovers” in which the title is named from 'Romeo and Juliet'. It follows the two from the beginning through their From the start an “Ancient grudge” has become