Romeo and Juliet's Love Is Doomed by the World Around and Its Own Intensity Essay examples

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Romeo and Juliet’s love is doomed by the world around it and by its own intensity.
Shakespeare, in one of his earliest plays, ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ written around 1600, explores a number of themes, including love, hate, fate and generation gap. Very early in the play he suggests that the love between the title characters is doomed. He no doubt blames the world around them especially the older generation for such a tragedy. However, he also implies that fate and the intensity of the love between the couple contributes greatly to the tragedy. Unnecessary!!
Shakespeare suggests that the love between the title characters is doomed. The prologue, is explicit that the love between the ‘starcrossed lovers’ is destined to end in a disaster and
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* Fate plays a major role * The prologue states that the ‘star-crossed lovers’ take their lives. * Romeo just by chance happens to be asked to read the list of guests by the Capulet servant. * The lovers happen to fall in love without realizing that they were children of enemies. * The letter sent by Friar Lawrence to explain his plan to Romeo, never reaches him. * by the world around it –
TS 2 – The play also attributes the doomed love of Romeo and Juliet to those around them. * feud between the families of the title characters reaches the level of the servants, indicating the bitterness between the two families. * * by the parents Lord & Lady Montague/Lord & Lady Capulet/the nurse/Friar Lawrence/Tybalt. * The prologue tells us “Two households alike in dignity……an ancient grudge break to new mutiny” * The parents show their profound hate early in the play as Lord Capulet is quick to ask for his sword when he sees Lord Montague, “My sword I say, Old Montague has come…” * Tybalt clearly illustrates his hatred in his statement to Benvolio, “What…talk of peace! I hate the word as I hate all Montagues and thee”. * The nurse misguides Juliet by encouraging her to pursue her love for Romeo, despite her knowledge that the couple’s families were enemies. * Friar Lawrence with all good intentions marries the