Romeon and Juliet Essay Plan Athy for Juliet

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Here’s a plan to help you find your way through this coursework. You can, of course, deviate from it if you like!

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|Question: How Does Shakespeare create sympathy for Juliet in Act 3 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet |

Try to begin with key words and the following (organised into two or three neat paragraphs) –

• there were previously many forms of the story (prose narrative, poetry) and Shakespeare’s audience would have been familiar with tales of star-crossed lovers from feuding families who take their own lives • it is an early play by the playwright in which he practised the art of writing a tragedy – but we feel enormous empathy with the central characters – why? • this scene is of great significance because it is the last time the lovers see each other, it is the only chance they have to consummate their all-consuming love (which has gradually isolated them from their families and friends as the play progresses) The play does not only explore this love but also hate • the focus throughout is on Juliet and by the end of the scene she is completely isolated • the mood of the scene changes from mixed emotions of passion and fear at the opening to utter despair and thoughts of suicide • the scene can be considered in four sections – explain the importance of each • the play takes place over just four days, from Sunday to Thursday. It is therefore tightly structured and fast paced. The scene opens on Tuesday at dawn – just two days before the lovers die.

In the main part of your essay you should write about each section, and consider the interaction of the