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Jared Oliver
Romney vs. Obama
Romney vs. Obama: Economical Standpoints It doesn’t take a very smart individual to know that the two presidential nominees are going to have different views on how to fix our broken economy. The two men, Governor Romney and President Obama, both believe in what they had to say at their respected conventions. While the two spoke over many of the same subjects it was clear that the views and ideas to fix the problems were polar opposites. Governor Mitt Romney wants to institute a 5-point plan that he assures the people will put our economy back on then right track. This 5-point plan consist of building energy independence, ensuring in Americans the skills needed to succeed, opening trade markets that will work for America, cutting the deficit, and championing small businesses. In the case of energy, Governor Romney, says he will increase the access to our domestic resources such as the Keystone XL pipeline. The Republican candidate promises to bring better education to our schools by providing better and more qualified teachers. As for trade, he wants to implement a Reaganistic economic zone so that free enterprise can be strengthened. By electing Romney, we will supposedly be electing a man who will reduce the non-security discretionary spending by 5% and cap the federal spending to below 20%. The fifth and final point of his plan is to reduce tax on job creation through individual and corporate tax reform. He also encourages people to purchase their own healthcare instead of relying on employers to do so. On the other hand we have President Obama. His campaign slogan is one word, “Forward.” He looks to move forward and keep going with the processes he has begun in his first term. He said in his speech that he was not going to tell the people it would be easy, or that it would have immediate effect. He just believes staying the course we are on is the right thing for our economy in the long run. His goals are to create one million jobs over the next 4 years, double our exports, reduce the deficit by $4 trillion in the next 10 years, and cut college tuition…