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Champions by Ron Artest is a love song about Ron Artest and his love of being a champion. This song is special to me because it shows the hard work and confidence can truly turn you into a champion. This is my favorite song for three reasons, what the song represents, why it is special to me, and the occasion on which I first heard it. To begin with this song represents Ron Artest who is a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, he wrote the song shortly after the Lakers won the 2010 NBA championship. It was the third NBA title in his career, and also the biggest one for he hit the winning shot in game 6 to send it to game 7. This song shows that you should always be ready and prepared for the most important moments in games, “I love the fourth quarter, I love the ninth inning, I love game 7, bring on the competition.” Ron Artest proved that you can not sit back and wait for something good to happen you have to go out and get what you deserve, he influenced all sports fans to strive to become champions of their game, and to always be prepared for the task at hand. Next is why this song is special to me. I am a big Lakers fan, and also a big Ron Artest now Metta World Peace fan to. I listen to this song before every sports game I play in, and afterwards too. It inspires be to become a champion and to not stop working until I achieve that goal. Ron Artest is one of the hardest workers on the court, and his love for the game is obvious and how he treats every game like it is his last. He loved being a winner so much that he had to write a song just to tell us how it feels to be a champion. This is his only song, and could possibly be the only one he ever makes, but the message he sent to all people who want to be champions of something was clear, and defiantly inspired many people to follow in his footsteps. Ron Artest is my favorite player in any sport because he displayed that players that don’t have the natural talent for something can still become a champion by never giving in, and always working hard. Finally this is