Ronald Reagan Accomplishments

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It all started when Ronald Reagan was born at the streets of Little Tampico in February 6, 1911, and ended on June 5, 2004 ( the day of his death). He gained the nickname Dutch. The father Jack Reagan worked at a shoe department. Sadly, bad luck and a hopeless drinking problem ruined his chances for a good career,which then caused the Reagan's family to live poorly and move away. Reagan’s mother, Nelle Wilson Reagan help take care of providing Ronald with good education. On December 1920 they moved to find new oportunities, later getting a job at the Fashion Boot Shop. At school Dutch learned his lessons easily. One time he took his mothers glasses to school to the the board more clearly. Although he had several problems trying to play football, he accomplished his goals on the year of 1924. His jouney accomplishing his goal included working on a construction crew which then helped him gain muscles in his body, making him stronger. Later he became a good …show more content…
Later world events suddently interrupted Reagan's life. On Sunday Japanese planes bombed the base Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. As he was a reserve calvary officer ,Reagan was soon called to active duty. In April 1942 he reported for duty at Fort Mason, California. It required to take a phisical exam, Reagan could not hide his weak eyesight and later could not participate in the war. At last in August 1945 the war ended. For his dedicated service, Reagan eventually was ranked a captain . By the time he got out of the army he then went on stage and acted for a few years, then ending his career as a actor. On January 1966 Ronald Reagan plunged into California politics as a candidate for govenor. Reagan promised thing he would accomplish as a govener and on 1966, he won the election. Californian's who admired Reagan's politics voted him a second term in office in 1970. Eight years in the Califorina statehouse earned Reagan fame as a national political