Ronald Reagan And Disney Compare And Contrast Essay

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Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney both demonstrated a stronger demeanor with a sense of effectiveness to achieving goals and aspirations of creating a better future. Reagan has been referred to as “self-controlled” person and not having any interest in establishing friendships (close friends) with anyone besides his wife Nancy. Most of the activities he did were by himself and never engaged in activities such as social gatherings or invite someone out for a drink because “that wasn’t the type of person he was”, words from Nancy. Regardless of the controversy he had created with his presidency, he was still self-determined to fight for what he believed was the right thing to do for the people. He viewed himself as an ordinary citizen opposing against …show more content…
When something was wrong, he wouldn’t threaten the person who made the mistake, but he would impose a suggestion or give advice to that person in hopes that they would consider making a change. He cared on getting to know people on a personal level and listening to their thoughts to better understand how that person was. Walt portrayed a visionary mentality that he could accomplish anything if he put his mind to it. Although, these two leaders differ from each other in terms of personality, but the one thing that made them a like was their determination towards accomplishment that they and the people benefited from as well.
Reagan and Disney both had a loyal following of true believers and supporters of the decisions and actions they made. For Reagan, the number of followers that he had gained fluctuated throughout his two terms of presidency. We cannot celebrate his successes without recognizing his failures, and we cannot criticize his failures without recognizing his important contributions. He could put people at ease, and everyone liked him; even his ideological or partisan adversaries recognized his personal charm. Reagan convinced people that he was not