Ronald Reagan and True Love Fairytale Essay

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“You are my forever, I promise, I love.” Those were the last words he fought for his last few breaths to say. The pain struck me like a knife jabbed within my dying heart. With every bit of strength in me I shut my eyes closed, and counted to 8. I wouldn’t accept the fact that the love of my life was gone, forever. I prayed to God with everything I had that when I had the strength to open my eyes at the count of 8 this would all be gone and Id wake up to the sweet sound of his voice that echoed through my ears every morning. As my countdown began I reached the point where Id soon discover something that could not only change my life but destroy me forever to be. As my heart sunk to my weakening veins within, I opened my eyes to see that this wasn’t a dream; this was the love of my life being taken away from me to the heavens above. Seconds later I fell to the ground, paralyzed by the horror. It’s a traumatizing image that shall forever remain plastered in my heart and mind day by day. I still remember a perfect picture what he wore as if he were standing directly in front of me to this day. It was that loosely fitted t-shirt that spelled out the 4 letters LOVE that told me this was a true love that not even death could separate.
Welcome to the walking nightmare that one-day, changed my entire life. Step into my shoes and ill take you back to where to all begin and where before I lived the life of a love story that is beyond a true love fairytale. December 6th was the one-day that is forever scared in my head with a label of the day my life became destroyed. It was a frost-tinted morning; I woke up the passionate kiss of my loved one and our song on the radio, just as I did every morning. John then scurried into the kitchen bringing back with him a new thing that had just been introduced here in NYC, Flavored popcorn! Varying from the flavors of Carmel to Tutti Frutti to pure chocolate. Oh how my Johnny had all the room in the world for that sugar craving sweet tooth of his day or night. I leaned back in bed and found myself skimming through the channels to the news when I see the election between Democratic Jimmy Carter and Republication Ronald Regan has came to the results of our new president. “Reagan, aided by the Iran hostage crisis and a worsening economy at home, won the election in a landslide, receiving the highest number of electoral votes to have ever won by a no incumbent presidential candidate, this making him the 40th President of the United States. “After updating myself on the daily news I turn to my fashion forward channel passing through the channels everyone favors most, nickelodeon, the Cosby show, cheers, and one of Johns favorites Happy Days. As I make my way to the latest fashion update channel, there I see the Royban Wayfarer sunglasses that I never be caught upon sight in and now there a fashion forward must have? Along with that leg warmers are being brought from workout to the latest trend? What