Ronald Reagan's Influence On American Culture

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Abstract Ronald Reagan’s two terms as the president of the United States was a time of many changes in many ways, Americans was tired of the constant struggle of dealing with inflation and recession that seem to plague the American people. With Reagan in office there was hope for a stronger economy a brighter future for the U.S. Reagan’s reduced tax policy proved to give the economy the boost it needed ,people were seeking better education as never before ,trying to make better lives for themselves. With the new president came a new style of American culture , the way American perceive sexuality was demonstrated in lyrics of music that was being listened to during this era .rap music made its debut in the 80s as well ,yuppies was the new word to describe Americans seeking their fortune in America’s newfound society. The attitude of the era was every man for him; even television projected this feeling as well. Regan’s eight years in office establish a strong political republican party that stayed in power for many years (
Americans wanted to make more money, and looked to
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enjoyed eight years of prosperity, under the leadership of one of the most popular Commander and Chief Ronald Reagan, Reagan had served as many terms allowed for the president of the United States .with Americans still happy with the Republican Party due to Reagan’s term; it was only natural to put another republican in office. George Bush became the 41 president of the United States, after serving as Vice President under the Reagan’s administration. Bush shared in the overcast of popularity as did his predecessor.