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Question 1
Globalization has a part in possible issue with adverse effects and reactions to American advertisements that will reach other countries youths. Two of the most import aspect of globalization that could take part in adverse reactions from developing countries are innovative technology and economic activity. Many countries have established advanced technology eliminates the barriers previously observed to include barriers to communication, time, and distance. Relations have been established between countries, cultures and individuals throughout the use of this technology.
With the use of this technology, American ads, and programs created a need for populations within developing countries to migrate to an area of a greater economic prospect. The primary migrants would be the youth of the area. This leaves families distressed as the cohesive family structure once respected been defeated, leaving the older generation behind to live on their own in a country lacking economic stability
Although the situation may seem disappointing for the older generation, the generation making an effort to subsist outside their original culture can gain opportunities of education, employment and healthy living in areas more developed. For some, they can return as scholars and assist in the overhauling their communities and building opportunities for other individuals. The truth be known, advertisements and U.S. style programming can be very influencing, especially in an area where people live each day without the luxuries other are accustomed to.
With the millions of dollars spent on advertising alone, they influence the minds of people in a way that they require change. That's the entire purpose of advertising. Advertisement and programming can also be seen as offensive to people living in less developed countries. Advertisements and programming can also support trends to which youths are more susceptible. As we saw in the 1980's, and the beginning of MTV, pop culture was established worldwide and rebellious teenagers were manifested. They lived what was considered the years of "Me generation of status seekers" (Alexander, 2011).
Youths within underdeveloped cultures are more susceptible to being influenced by high margin advertisements, as they see only what others have that averts them. With the amounts of money poured into an advertisement, advertisers often have excessive influence over the demographic to which they appeal. This true of people outside the targeted demographic as they to visualize a life like others. This makes mainstream media an effective influence on the fashions, needs, wants and futures of individuals throughout the world, sometimes the good outcomes and sometimes with bad. There is no law as to policing manipulation when it comes to advertisements and media; therefore those not targeted could also be affected. Other negative influences that could affect the youths would be the U.S. freedoms dealing with sexuality, individuality, and rights, which they may be limited to, but influenced to take a stance on their beliefs.

Question 2
Organizations have now come to realize that to be efficient and effective in any business dealing they have to have an organized infrastructure of technology. With the issues of crashing computers, security threats, hackers, and the immense amount of information maintained