Roof Rats In America

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tea Rats Rats, they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They have changed this world for the worst many times. Humans try to prevent rats in any way possible but it is just not working. If someone thinks that there town is rat free they may want to rethink that. In America there are millions of rats all over this “clean” country. Of the large population of rats there is only two types of rats. Both rats the Norway and the smaller rat known as the roof rat came many years ago on ships from Europe and Asia [Shalhoup]. Like most rodents rats do not have a long life span but defiantly make up for it in how much they reproduce. In the world statistics show in the world there is enough rats around the world to have two rats for every human on this planet [Marrin 16].”Norway rats thrive in burrows, basements, and sewers.”[Shalhoup] Roof rats do not, they live in higher places like roofs and trees. …show more content…
For as long as they have been in existence humans have had tried many ways to get rid of them, so rats have found ways to adapt to our ways of killing them. Oh Rats has a whole page dedicated to how rats can survive using their abilities. You would never expect a rat in the water but actually they are better in water than people are. They can paddle for around half a mile, stay under water for 3 minutes, and most impressively they can tread water for a grand total of 3 whole days.[pg 14 Mordan] “Rats are not like us. Their senses of hearing, smell and touch are keener than ours.”[shalhoup] With humans being the messy race we are rats have also adapted by finding and eating our trash. For example there is a video of a rat carrying a whole piece of pizza to a hole in the building where he probably enjoyed the germ infected