Rooklyn: A Fictional Narrative

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It was a dark stormy night in new york city. There was a drizzle. Lachlan and his girlfriend were just leaving the most fancy place in all of brooklyn. This place was chase’s churros. Yes this was the fanciest most delicious place in all of brooklyn. But as they were leaving someone Started to follow them.

They had been walking for about half an hour this man mid 30’s at best, stayed a steady 15 to 20 feet behind them for the entire walk. Finally Lachlan had enough, he kept Elouise behind him for the confrontation. “Hey what is your problem buddy?!” Lachlan's voice pierced through the empty streets of brooklyn. Then out of nowhere another man late 20’s grabbed Elouise by the arm and pulled her in a car.

Three Weeks after the kidnapping Lachlan was falling apart he had absolutely no leads to whom the kidnappers were the only thing he knew was the licence plate “QFJ-17B3”. Later in the week he went to the licence burale they said it was registered to a red ford fusion but that was not the car he saw, that means it must have been a stolen plate. The car he saw was a old beat up white van. So that narrows it down but just a little bit.
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We will meet tomorrow.” At that moment he ran to the bank to get $4,000 out of his account only to remember he got his account locked down because he was spending too much money at a time. He had to get it