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This paper is looking at theories and frame works of International business as analytic lens to explain the polices of M&S. Michael Marks began what was to become one of the most recognised brands on the planet by establishing a penny bazaar in the late 1880s, it was great success and need to be extend the mark become partner with spencer, it paid off as in early 1990 it become successful retail formula had begun to emerge surrounding this growth, but in early 21st century, M&S’s success was beginning to run out. But M&S overcome the difficulties by changing the management and culture of the organisation.

Macro environment analysis

The pestle framework, which categorizes environmental influences into six categories: political, economic, social, social, technological, legal and environmental. It’s of paramount importance that pestle is used to look at the future impact of environmental factors, which may be different from their past impact.(…………………)

Marks and Spencer’s has endured unsettled macro environment. using pestle, M&S has had problems in the economic aspect of the environment; in 1998, they had financial difficulties worldwide, which hampered by tough conditions whereby they announced that 23 per cent decline in first half profits, causing its shares to fall drastically.Greenbury, chairman blamed a turbulent competitive the social environment , M&S had several problems before 1998 regarding target markets not until 1991 when yasmin yusuf who produced classic clothes that are not boring, classics protected by patent, and injected innovation into the food ranges.

FDI ( Greenfield, JVs, Franchising),

Marketing mix
The core element in the marketing mix is the company’s product because this provides the functional requirements sought by customers. The product is anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs. Mainly product can be tangible and intangible Marks and Spencer products created on its superior quality and reliability. Marks and Spencer products mostly forces on customer satisfaction and the target market and best known for women wear. Its clothing products mainly forces on the middle age population. Reason of high competition among the other retailers a new brand extension called Per Unna due was launched in May 2004.targeting young women from late teens to early 30s.Marks and Spencer also gained a very strong reputation for its food. They have discovered a new range of regional Indian food and cooking methods for a new range of dishes.
The price is the sum that the consumers eager to pay for the product or the services. The business may increase or decrease price of products if the other stores have the same price. Marks and Spencer differ on price, the greatest of the products seem to be low-priced reasonable price also the clothes are decent quality. Ladies fashion also has dissimilar brands and the pricing is inexpensive.

Place signifies the place wherever a product can be purchased This is stated to the distribution channel, it can include any physical store as well as virtual stores on the internet. One of the latest innovations in “place” for M&S is their website it has online selling as well as information about the company. All ladies items are positioned on a certain place in the store so it is easy to find and locate. M&S web have their own pages for dissimilar products.

It is all around communication with the customers by advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, public relations and websites.
Marks and Spencer altered its promotional tack and adopted a abundant more high-level of marketing strategy. Campaign introduced the “Exclusive or everybody” tagline that has become a cornerstone of it brand communication and campaign for younger customers. Marks and Spencer tend to promote women fashion mostly on television and on their website. Marks