Room 132: A Short Story

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Standing in front of the door to room 132, a rather tall handsome bull stood, the blue denim pants he was wearing were tight against the buckling muscles of his thighs beneath them, white tank top a little loose against his muscular frame. Those traversing the college campus practically knew of the studly legend, a jock who had enrolled due to sports scholarships paying up the wazoo in hopes of getting him to sign up on their team. Football, basketball, soccer, name a sport that involved physical activity and he was bound to have someone in the field willing to vouch for. George Faulkner though had other pressing matters on his mind as he rapped his knuckles on the 132's door impatiently waiting for entrance, a small huff of air steaming against his nose piercing.

The legendary athlete wasn't lauded on the campus for his physical prowess however. The 'legend' was merely that the bovine was quite a promiscuous player. Sometimes his schedule lined up with twelve different babes to bang a day, and sometimes they'd even pay him if he was a little less interested. Of course the bull didn't sleep with just anyone, even a breeding machine had standards. Anything at or below B-cup was a no-no, he wanted some perky fun, not some sad little tit show. Room 132 had promised him to be a sorority party, and he was to be the male guest of honor
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"Oh you're the entertainment alright. Come in, come in. The girls are just dying to meet you...stud.~" With a wink, the chestnut mare sauntered away, hips swaying almost purposefully. Green skirt, button-up white collar shirt...and big assets. If the bulge in George's jeans didn't give away the excitement he had before, it definitely would now. Seemed like Room 132 was going to be quite the brothel by the end of the day, and the scent of frilly perfume, chattering, and light dance music only meant there was going to be a lot of whores to